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01 May 2024

May seasonal focus

Rain across eastern states prolongs the worm season.

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Managing Worms in Dairy Goats with Zero Grazing

Monitoring goats with worm egg counts periodically and ensuring that the feedlot area is kept clean by removing old feed and forage will be essential for success.

National Sheep Health Monitoring Project Sheds Light on Top Conditions Affecting the Industry

The 2021-22 NSHMP Annual Report analyses the data collected throughout the year, providing valuable insights into the top conditions.

Diagnosing and Dealing With Drench Resistance

Drench resistance, also known as Anthelmintic Resistance (AR), is caused by internal parasites developing inherited tolerance to drenches.

Healthy Goats – Using Management Tools to Create Healthy Goat Herds

Long-term worm control relies on a suite of tools to achieve ‘next level’ healthy goat herds.

‘Next-level’ worm control for healthy goat herds

Goat producers around Australia are grappling with worms this year. The reason?

Lungworm Diagnosis and Prevention in Goats

Lungworms in goats cause significant disease in Australia and can occasionally lead to death.

Parasites That Thrive After Floods

After floods, some parasites take advantage of the wet conditions to spread on pastures and infest livestock.

Weaner Worm Control and Summer Drenching 

Weaners are vulnerable to worm infections as their natural immunity, which protects them against worms, doesn’t develop until about 12-18 months of age.

Breeding for Worm Resistance in Goats

Breeding for worm resistance is a component of an integrated approach to managing worms. The most effective worm control programs integrate multiple techniques, as opposed to relying on just one (such as drenching) to combat worms.  So, where do you start?

Long-Acting Worm Treatments- the Good, the Bad and the Ghastly

Use of long-acting formulations should be considered when other methods of worm control (paddock management, mob management, short-acting treatments) are not appropriate.

Diagnosing parasites: What tests work best for worms??

Livestock producers have several ways to check for worms, but some tests are better than others. We put the different options under the microscope and ranked the common methods to see how they compare.

Grazing Management as a Tool for Worm Control

Grazing management is an effective tool to help reduce the number of eggs being deposited onto pasture and the number of larvae being ingested by livestock.

Tackle the Rise of Resistant Worms in Cattle

Drench-resistant worms. If it’s something you suspect your cattle may have, you’re not alone! The landscape of drench resistance in Australia is changing and with a predicted monster of a worm season ahead, it’s something you need to act on now.

Did My Stock Get Sick From Coxie?

You hear a lot of talk about ‘Coxie’ causing disease in livestock. This parasite, more formally called ‘coccidiosis’, affects young sheep, cattle and goats, plus a range of other animal species, including pigs and chooks. As well as death and sickness, Coxie can slow growth rates in young stock.

Preparing Low-Risk Paddocks for Sheep

‘Low risk lambing paddocks’- we throw this term around a lot but what does it actually mean? Now is a good time to start thinking about getting your lambing paddocks prepared for a Spring lambing.


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