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ParaBoss is the national authority for sheep, goats and cattle parasite control in Australia, providing information on parasites and their control through its suite of products – WormBoss, FlyBoss, LiceBoss and TickBoss. The resources are a source of detailed information and regional programs developed to improve on-farm management of worms, flies, lice and ticks.


ParaBoss is currently in its third phase.

In Phase I (2013-2016) WormBoss and FlyBoss were developed by the Sheep CRC, whilst LiceBoss was developed by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI). When the initial development phase of these resources was completed, an ongoing home was needed to manage and improve them. To do this, the Sheep CRC created the ParaBoss project and in 2016 licenced its share of the ParaBoss intellectual property (IP) to the University of New England (UNE).

Phase II (2016-2021) of the project, delivered by UNE, with funding provided by AWI and MLA, was to maintain and improve the existing ParaBoss products. A separate project funded by MLA and delivered by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, developed TickBoss. At the end of Phase II, it was agreed that AWI, MLA and UNE all jointly shared ownership of the WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss IP, whilst MLA and UNE jointly shared the TickBoss IP.

The Website Management and Producer Communication, Extension and Adoption components of Phase III (2021-2024) of the project is delivered by AHA, funded by MLA and AWI, with contribution from AHA.  Under the current phase, UNE are responsible for Advisor Training, including the WEC Quality Assurance program.  

Governance and technical input

A ParaBoss IP Owners Committee, consisting of MLA, AWI and UNE representation, oversees the strategic direction of ParaBoss.

A ParaBoss Project Committee, consisting of AWI, MLA, UNE and AHA representatives, along with an independent parasitologist (Dr Brown Besier) provides operational direction to ParaBoss.

ParaBoss Technical Committee ensures the content provided to industry is independent, proven and practical.

Function, Role and Membership of the ParaBoss Technical Committee

The ParaBoss Technical Committee, which operates as an advisory body to the ParaBoss Project Committee, represents the livestock industries, and operates in the interests of producers and their livestock. In doing so, the ParaBoss Technical Committee has primary responsibility to producers, providing technical input to the ParaBoss Project Committee on behalf of the sheep, goat and beef cattle industries of Australia.

In its capacity as an advisory body to the ParaBoss Project Committee, the Technical Committee will:

  1. Review technical accuracy of existing and new ParaBoss information, content, tools and programs.
  2. Identify emerging issues and extension needs for inclusion in communication or extension programs, on the basis of new technical information and industry trends.
  3. Facilitate engagement with the broader sheep, goat and cattle parasite technical community.


ParaBoss as a program provides industry leadership for ruminant livestock parasite management through its respected brands, a strong and independent technical foundation, extensive industry networks and well-used industry web sites. It currently has:

  • An independent Technical Committee of industry professionals to ensure the technical accuracy of ParaBoss information, programs and tools
  • An extensive and active network of industry professionals and service providers
  • WormBoss, FlyBoss, LiceBoss, and TickBoss websites, which contain best practice information and tools for sheep, goats, and cattle
  • ParaBoss Boss Bulletin (an e-newsletter)
  • Technical and promotional articles provided to industry publications
  • ParaBoss monthly webinars for industry professionals
  • Producer training materials provided as online self-directed learning
  • Materials that support other industry groups and extension programs
  • A track record in providing parasitology expertise through consultancy services to research and development corporations, agribusiness and other industry organisations


ParaBoss is the national authority for ruminant livestock parasite management; funded, endorsed and used by industry to improve parasite management of sheep, goats and cattle.


Lead the development of national best practice and industry information, training and extension tools for parasite management and engage industry participation in this process.

Information published by ParaBoss is protected internationally by copyright. This includes content published through ParaBoss, WormBoss, FlyBoss, LiceBoss and TickBoss.

None of the information published on the suite of ParaBoss sites is currently permitted to be reproduced for publication outside of Australia.

ParaBoss Technical Committee

Name and TitleBio
Brown Besier BVSc, PhD

Brown graduated BVSc from the University of Queensland in 1973 and joined the Western Australian Department of Agriculture as a field veterinary officer. He specialised in parasitology in 1980, with a PhD in Barbers Pole worm from Murdoch University in 1992.   Leader of parasitology research and extension in the WA Department for 30 years and the national Sheep Cooperative Research Centres for over 10 years, now a self-employed consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor at Murdoch University. Brown’s major interests are the biology and control of parasites of livestock, anthelmintic resistance, and communication of parasite control information.
Peter James B.Ag.Sc., MPM, Dip Ed. PhD

Peter’s main area of interest is in new technologies and integrated approaches to the control of pests and parasites associated with domestic livestock species. He has worked with ectoparasites and nuisance insects associated with most of Australia’s major livestock industries and regularly provides consultancy to industry and veterinary pharmaceutical companies in this area. Peter’s involvement with research and extension on sheep ectoparasites extends over more than 30 years and covers parasites of both the northern and southern industries. Formally at SARDI and the Roseworthy Campus of University of Adelaide in SA and Leader of the Integrated Parasite Management Group at DAF Queensland, he is currently a Research Fellow at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) at the University of Queensland.
Ali Raza DVM, PhD

Ali graduated Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan in 2009, and joined the Department of Clinical Medicine as a Lecturer. He completed his PhD in Veterinary Parasitology on anthelmintic resistance mechanisms and reversion of resistance in Barbers Pole worm from the University of Queensland in 2017. After acting as a Team Leader in the Parasitology section at Queensland Biosecurity and Animal Welfare laboratories, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ali is currently working as a Senior Research Officer at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) at the University of Queensland. Ali was the Queensland State representative for the Australian Society for Parasitology from 2019-2022. His primary areas of interest are investigating novel means of controlling worms and ectoparasites in ruminants through detecting anthelmintic resistance, anthelmintic drug discovery, and the discovery of biomarkers for host resistance as well immune resilience to parasites.  
David Homer BVSc (Hons I) PG Dip.(Macq)

  David worked in veterinary practice in Australia, UK and Papua New Guinea after graduating from the University of Sydney in 1985 with a Veterinary Science degree with first class honours.  After returning to Australia David joined industry (Arthur Websters Pty Ltd) and over the subsequent 34 years has been engaged in the full range of animal health roles from research to technical support, with the predominant focus being parasitology and vaccinology.   David is currently managing animal health training for the Nutrien Ag Solutions network after a 5-year stint as the Global Technical Director for Ruminants for Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim.    
Matthew Playford BVSc (Hons), DipVCS, DVMSc, MANZCVS (ParaBoss Technical Lead for AHA)

Matt is a veterinarian who grew up in Cowra, New South Wales and developed a love for livestock management and medicine working on mixed properties. He was an exchange student in Japan and after graduating from the University of Sydney, he worked in cattle and sheep reproduction and clinical practice before doing his PhD in parasitology at Hokkaido University. He then worked at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo before returning to Australia to be manager of the Univ of Queensland livestock teaching practice in Kenilworth, QLD and later research and technical manager at pharmaceutical company Intervet.   Matt has been a veterinary consultant for 17 years and is the director of Dawbuts Pty Ltd, a company that runs a parasitology laboratory and conducts research on behalf of the livestock industries.
Deb Maxwell (UNE ParaBoss Advisor) BVSc, GDipEd, GCRurSysMan

After initial work as a veterinarian (UQ ’85) in a mixed veterinary practice and then teaching, Deb started a career in sheep extension in 1992. Deb managed DPI Qld’s state-wide sheep and wool projects then became the Sheep CRC I Communication and Extension Program Leader. In Sheep CRC II Deb further developed WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss. In 2014, post-CRC, ParaBoss was formed with Deb as ParaBoss Operations Manager, then Executive Officer from 2018 to mid-2021. Deb now manages ParaBoss Advisor Training from UNE and continues to run her superfine Merino sheep stud established in 1996.   Deb has a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Graduate Diploma in Education (Teaching), Graduate Certificate in Rural Systems Management (Extension) and an Advanced Certificate in Sheep and Wool Technology (Woolclassing).  

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